Blog 2015 – NFL : Europe : 6-Pianos

THRILLED to share a music project I just finished for the Minnesota Vikings featuring Blair Walsh. When I was a kid, I often imagined how exciting it would be to my music featured or used by a sports organization. I think I even emailed Mark Cuban once, but that’s for another story! Special thanks to those who helped in the recording; Aron Frank & Jeff Elliott on violins & Amber Nepodal on horns. Soooo it’d mean a lot if you took a minute to check out this video and bask in the epic-ness of kicking.Go Vikes!



* NOVEMBER 22nd 2015 – Good Morning Texas


This is after the fact but I wanted to share this really cool piece that The University of Texas aired on my 6-piano project. It’s cool to have the school in which I’m an alumnus of recognize my efforts. I’ll give a full review of the concert in the up coming days! I’m slammed doing a defensive driving course :/





This one is going to be EPIC! It was a crazy idea that I put in motion and now it’s driving me crazy but in a good way. I have 6 pianos in my house and I’m premiering new works I wrote while in L.A. A lot of this was inspired by Invisible Cities Opera. I’m calling this party my Classical Music Kegger. You immediately know what you get when you hear it but also it’s my vision to present classical music in settings that are not as high-brow as normal concerts. People are really gravitating to the idea; I have beer and food sponsors, radio and television stations that want to interview me about the concept, etc. This party is not just about mixing kegs with classical music. It’s about giving back. I’m working with associations to bring more creative arts events to North Austin and to give back to the communities. After the concert, the pianos will be donated to community centers and schools that lack arts programs in lower income neighborhoods.
Who says classical music can’t be fun? So join us for a night of musical experimentation, celebration, at this good ol’ classic kegger! Mark November 14th in your calendar! 



I’m back from my Denmark trip.  It was intense.  Lots of meetings, speeches, and hanging with artists.  Hopefully some new collaborations will come out of this trip.  Here are a few photos from my trip to a castle outside of Copenhagen.  It was actually the first place I visited when I first went to Denmark in 2009.  To think, 7 years ago I stumbled on a place that is now considered my 2nd home and the home of some of my best friends in the world. 



* SEPTEMBER 22nd 2015 – Austin Music Video Festival Performance
I was going to type up something clever to describe the elation I felt during my recent performance of Phantasmagoria, a movement off my 2nd symphony, Neon Heaven, but Ashley Bradley at Ovrld described it and captured it on film so perfectly…
“As part of the first Austin Music Festival, hoping to stick around annually, I went out to North Door on Sept. 18 to check out Christian Bland & The RevelatorsMilezoThree Bones and a special performance of a piece from Nathan Felix‘s upcoming symphony Neon Heaven. The piece included a choir ensemble, a pianist and an electric guitar played with a violin bow. This performance was weird, in a good way. A refreshing twist to psychedelic–the choir made faint noises while playing instruments I’ve never seen before called handchimes. The performance had audience members transfixed, laying down in front of the screen showing some incredible visuals by Bob Mustachio. Three Bones also had some wicked visuals and lighting that left them in the shadows, with just glimmers reflecting on their faces and occasional smoke. Milezo and Christian Bland closed the night in their heavy fashion, putting a pretty bow to what was a really psych time.”


I love visiting San Antonio. There is something special about the developing arts scene that I can’t quite put my finger on. Austin gets all the hype but the magic that Austin use to have has migrated south to SA! Believe me! I spent a weekend kickin’ it with my buddy, Fern, this summer after I got back from Europe. Eight weeks in Europe had me missing the Texas heat and Mexican grub. Fern lives in a complex that I can best describe as an arts compound in downtown San Antonio that at times feels like a ghost town for downtown standards. It’s a dream of mine to spend a significant period of time in a place that is similar. It’s also the headquarters for Fern’s work with The Renewable Republic which specializes in solar installations. The campus is littered with modified school buses, an organic garden, a wood shop, an art gallery and a yurt in the massive back yard! They have a view from the yurt on their site in the about section. Click HERE to see it. Friday night is spent hanging in the court yard and catching up and everyone talking about projects or galleries they have coming up. All the talk is extremely inspiring. I talk about my 6-piano party and everyone gets excited except for Fern. He says he’ll never go to another party of mine because of the infamous hernia-incident from my water-balloon extravaganza over 10 years ago! You gotta hear the story from Fern. You’ll laugh your heart out!


The next morning we woke up and walked down the street to have a mexican breakfast. The meal took a few hours as new friends of someone walked in every half hour. Again the community and friendships struck a chord. It was now time to follow Fern and Jorge to check up on an installation project they finished not too long ago. I snapped a few photos of the house and spent time drinking lemonade with the owners of the house as we talked music, composing and their love for spending winters in San Antonio instead of New York! They had a beautiful home and it was a big inspiration for ideas for my current remodeling project of my house. 


Next we decided it was time to take a load off and have a few drinks. Jorge insisted we go to Gloria’s and I’m glad we did. The place smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in half a century but it had a killer jukebox. Fern asked the waitress to bring us their three coldest beers and then blasted out old mexican folk classics. We talked about Jorge’s upcoming trip to Cuba and discussed different parts of Mexico that were great to travel to. Again it was inspiring! Despite being worn out from months on the road in Europe I was conjuring up that adventurous spirit. (Note: I went home and bought tickets to Tulum the following week for a September trip!) After Gloria’s things got out of hand. I remember being in the darkest bar/speakeasy in the world, some tasty food, going to First Friday and then tons of people partying back at Renewable Republic.




Sunday was a slow day to just recap on the night and recover…with beers of course! I was headed off to float the river and go thrifting in Wimberley but before I left Fern had to show me some of the best coffee in their hood. We walked a few blocks and what seemed like in the middle of nowhere was Merit roasting company. That’s what is fascinating about the area is there are little local shops spread out on each block that you feel like you are in a neighborhood with a strong sense of community that is not overloaded with people. Trust me it’s charming. And I know it will change. So I’m enjoying it while I can. I’ll be back in October to celebrate a gallery from another one of the Renewable artists!


* AUGUST 3RD – TACOS AND TRANNYS IN THE FIVE THREEDo you dare to enter The Five Three! The zip code so many brush off. The zip code that has yet to be gentrified in Austin. My latest exploits will chronicle the underground world of The Five Three. For starters I thought I’d visit one of the numerous taco trucks. These trucks were here before the food truck craze broke out and you can only order in Spanish at these. And be prepared for spice and authentic tastes of different regions of Mexico. You can’t find these tastes in the bland concoctions at Torchy’s, Taco Deli, etc. Arriving at One A.M. our order was placed with Al Pastor, barbacoa, and bisteck tacos, one al pastor gringa, and an agua de melon. It’s when we sat to wait for our order that we noticed a colorful circus-like atmosphere filled with white snake skinned boots with 5 inch toes, 2 tranny’s in hiked up skirts (I’d never witnessed Spanish speaking tranny’s before), enough cubic zirconium studded button-up shirts to ring the Patriots, girls wearing tight dresses with their stomachs busting through, a large woman sitting on the hood of a truck straddling a vaquero and grotesquely making noises as they fondled each other, and of course our amazing food! Tacos to-die-for prepared with freshly made tortillas. Ah the life of a composer! Which makes me realize I probably need to update everyone on my recent work as a composer and not just talk about tacos and Brian Wilson. There is a lot of good updates…
1) I went in to the studio last week to begin final mixes on Neon Heaven and I’m looking at a release date for late fall or early next year. It really depends how quickly I can get some music videos done for a splash of a release.


2) I have my first classical house concert on November 14th that will feature two new pieces I wrote for xi pianos! And it will be in The Five Three of course! You gotta come!
3) Austin Music Video Festival asked me to present a movement from Neon Heaven on Fri Sept 18th at North Door. I’ll be showcasing a performance of Phantasmagoria (hear an excerpt here – www.soundcloud.com/CurseCrossLion). And lastly
4) I’m in pre-production to start recording my 3rd album that will combine elements of opera, symphony, eastern instruments, and shoe-gazy guitar noises. Stay tuned…


* JULY 27TH 2015 – FREE ZION
I remember the first time I played it for her. I stared at the screen and kept still. As each measure passed by I wondered if she would notice what I wanted to notice. I was holding back my emotions. This was a song I worked on so many times and every time I’d choke up. I felt a warm drop ricochet between my thumb and index finger. Then a second..a third…they wouldn’t stop. I slowly turned and looked at her. Feeling exposed. Only she knew the meaning. I said nothing. With her lips quivering she mustered, “Why did you have to write about that.” And she buried her head under my arm…


Losing your hearing is never a fun thing. Especially since my work is related to music! I freaked out when I woke up today and couldn’t hear much out of my right ear. I won’t go in detail about the diagnosis but let’s just say I’ve been really bummed out. But it hit me last night. Irritated about 9 pm traffic. Driving across town. Brian Wilson’s ghost visited me. I accidentally slammed on the brakes and my elbow jerked forward and turned on my CD player. On came Pet Sounds!!! Ok ok, so Pet Sounds was already cued as I’ve listened to it at least 50 times this month as I’m studying it for my next opera recording project. But this was different. I heard it in a way I have never heard! Chills went up my spine and the hair stood up. DON’T you see! Brian Wison couldn’t hear out of his right ear so he wanted me to hear Pet Sounds how he heard it! And it’s magical. I won’t have hearing for a few days so I’m studying Pet Sounds with Brian Wilson’s ears. That led me to believe one other thing… Brian Wilson’s ghost created that 9 pm traffic because how else could I arrive at my destination right as the final note played. [AND yes I’m well aware that Brian Wilson is still alive. But who’s to say one can’t have a ghost while still alive? Besides I’m talking about today’s Brian Wilson. I’m talking out “Pet Sounds” Brian Wilson.


* JULY 15 2016 – USAHOME! 12 countries in 2.5 months (FULL ADVENTURE PICS HERE)

Czech Republic

Two amazing premieres…
Began my opera…
Lots of meetings…
Saw most of my friends…
Made new friends…
New commission…
Time to keep writing…,
And planning….


Do we have any control over what happens in life or are we just pawns in a grand scheme or a game? Or do we have control yet in hindsight justify the results of our actions as fate. Just as we have no say in where we are born do we have a say in who comes in our lives? To some degree we can force it I’m sure, but may I believe that a common energy attracts one to another? In 2011 after years of writing grants and begging any orchestra to play my first symphonic composition, I was ready to give up. Looking back, I’m really glad some second-rate Texas orchestra didn’t steal my money and put forth a half-ass performance. But it’s easier to feel comfortable when looking back but when you are in the moment, damn it can hurt. So here is a quote from Andre in one of our first email correspondences …

(NY: Left & Center photo 2012 : Portugal: Right 2015)
“I would be glad to take a look at your score and help you in any way I can. I am always looking for modern composers to work with and I would do that free of charge. I am in a place of my career where I can not say no to “score premieres”.” This was the first positive response I had received but inside I was so certain that it would fall apart. This email came in February of 2011. We did not record until May of 2012 and I’m smart enough to know that while you need that much time to plan, it’s just as likely that something can go wrong. A few snags in the road did pop up but I wouldn’t be here…


blogging about this, if all had turned out well. And we even have a successful documentary that was acquired by Gaiam TV that captures the beginning of what is now an amazing friendship. Andre is like a brother to me. We want to help each other but I feel like I owe him so much. He has given so much to me that I think about it on a weekly basis of how I can use an opportunity that comes my way, to give back to my friend. He has since moved from New York to Baltimore and now to his home land in Portugal. He invited me to write a few pieces for a new orchestra he is conducting in Fatima Portugal. So here I am in Portugal!!! Premiering new music and sharing conversations with one of my best friends. And he is such a kind soul. Ok, so he does have a potty mouth (sorry Andre but that totally makes you who you are) but he has such a generous spirit. He encourages me in my development but critiques me in a way that doesn’t allow me to become complacent in my writing and experimentation. That’s what I love about classical music is that for me it’s so new as if I was in a candy store for the first time! And then I find out there is a secret cellar below the candy store that I haven’t even scratched the surface of! So here are some photos of my trip in Portugal. I hope to release a recording of some of the music performed in the future. And I hope to give back to Andre ten fold for he was the first to give me an opportunity and give me hope that there is a path out there for my crazy dreams…




I can’t help but think of the Beatles. Of course my mom played Sgt. Peppers on repeat every night for what seemed like a year. But I can’t really remember the lyrics anymore. I became a Beach Boys fan and got tired of the Beatles. I think about Brian Wilson quite a bit and all he went through. At such an early age having such great success coupled with his past…and oh ya…drugs. Anyone that know me knows Pet Sounds trumps all. I actually popped it in recently and heard something entirely new in the lyrics! But I digress. I’m digging a hole in me. I’m digging deeper inside than I’ve explored before. Its painful. But its honest. Maybe too honest. But what happens when you keep digging? Does your shovel hit a rock and it ends there? Can you dig so deep that you can’t see the light shining in? Can you dig so deep that you can’t get out? Do you reach the core? Man, I have a feeling no matter what this is really going to hurt…


I never watched the end of ground hog day but I LOVE the movie. Does it have a happy ending? Why can’t movies have multiple endings? Or would that water down the artistic and entertainment value? What if you are stuck in a vicious cycle of life? We have it ingrained in our psyche that history repeats itself so do we have no control of our future? Will the rabbit ever win the race or does he have to become like the turtle. Its been ingrained in my psyche that I’m the rabbit and my brother is the tortoise and its becoming a cycle I want to change. Wait does the rabbit even cross the finish line in the story? I love my brother and he can win in his race in life but I’d like to win in my life on my own journey. Or at least cross the finish line…


What is going on! I am struggling inside. I was robbed in Barcelona. I can’t get the images out of my head of the people that blindsided me. I am angry at myself for letting guard down but also at these people that do this. I should forgive right? I should wish them well as I don’t know their situation right? But it is difficult. Paranoia has set in. My friend Simon whom I was with has really encouraged me in a weird New Zealand type of Zen way by not saying too much or too little. Having him around has been a blessing as I may have fallen in a dark hole. Simon is also a composer. A fantastically brilliant one might I add that I met in Bulgaria for a project in 2013. We talked about the correlation between composing and life and being in a moment that you can’t see past the fog. You can’t put aside your emotions and rationalize. I started meditating on this journey through Europe for various reasons but i feel this incident exposed that I’m still in an infantile stage. Is this a setback or check point? And I am grateful for the blessings in my life but internally I feel close to rock bottom but I am not paddling against the current. I have tossed my oars in the water and fading downstream with the current. I know I have to come to shore and build a stronger raft with a rock solid foundation. Something I should have done years ago but I’ve been afraid of the dark. Images swirl in my head and heart of what being in a black hole must feel like. Much like the images of those to men that robbed me, that are etched in my memory in the dark streets in Barcelona. The unknown can be frightening… But I know I have to let go…


* MAY 29TH 2015 – J5

Sitting at a cafe in Prague waiting to catch a bus to Munich. I don’t really have a lot to say today. Much like writing music. What’s the purpose if you have nothing to say? Notes are notes. Anyone can learn to write notes but can you learn to have something to say? I think only the world can offer that to you. I’ve had so many impressions lately as I trek from city to city but what do they all mean and are they important? I’ve journaled a lot (which is rare for me) and I started a new piece for opera. I’m considering releasing my journals alongside the music so people can get inside my true thoughts and emotions. It’d be the most honest and personal thing I’ve put out there because I’m exposing raw thoughts and emotions that most would hide. But I like real. I like knowing what my favorite artists “really” went through and what they “really” though. Besides, it’s easy to hide and be fake isn’t it? That’s what social media is for right?


I wrote them in the moment and I can reflect on them along with pictures to flush out the opera when I return home. It’s nothing crazy. Typical love, longing, loss, confusion, frightened, and ranting. Speaking of pictures, I added some photos to my Flickr because it’s really hard for me to post pictures on this blog sometimes. I suck at html…bad! But here are a few pictures and here is the link to many more – FLICKR


* MAY 25 2015 – BDAY
My birthday past and present. Today I find myself in Pristina, Kosovo.  It’s my birthday.  I’m
not big on birthdays and I usually get away from my hometown for the occasion.  But I’m

sitting here realizing the two memorable birthdays for me are ones I spent with loved ones. By far the best birthday moment for me came three years ago in Wuhan China.  I was on tour with my group, The Noise Revival Orchestra, and we had trouble at the train station. Half of the group made the train and four of us were left stranded.  We had to book a flight a few hours later and taxi it across the city just to make the flight!  We rushed and barely made it to the show.  I actually still wonder how the others members that made the train got to the venue because Wuhan was a chaotic city and few foreigners compared to Shanghai. None the less we blasted through our set with an

Click to see video

amazing energy. But what came next will last with me a lifetime. I walked off stage and the   crowd called for an encore and then…the band busted out with a rock version of Happy Birthday.  The crowd joined in and some came on stage and danced.  Afterwards there was an insane line of fans wanting a photo with us and then we danced the night away!  It was so special.  And I spent it with my then girlfriend whom I had only been dating for five months (center of photo).  We were thrown in to a whirlwind of intense traveling and we realized we were at our best as travel companions.  Our theme for the night was throwing up the “W” with our hands and you can see the band demonstrating this in the photo.  In the back with a beer bottle wedged in his mouth is Tyler our drummer and translator!  Standing to the left of Anita is Vince! And on the right of the photos with his head cut off (wearing a tie) is Josh. So here I am in Kosovo.  The sun came out after weeks of the rain following me

Bill Clinton statue in Kosovo

through Europe. It’s an interesting city. The economic situation is grim but people  here talk about hope.  I met a  woman that shared with me how she love America because her children can grow up without an on going war. But you still see the remnants of the war.  So many buildings are tattered and torn. It really makes me stop and think about my life and how we all come from different environments and how they play a role in our lives.  I got choked up when the lady was expressing her feelings. And as I walked away I began to wonder what I would take home with me from this trip to Kosovo. Would it be like a great movie or book that inspires me but then also deceives my emotions?  When I get back home or back working with the orchestra in Portugal will I feel

the same or will I be distracted?  Whatever it is I know I’m changing and growing.  I feel foolish and ashamed to barely realize the important people and blessings in my life that I have taken for granted.  But that’s life right? We only get one of them and we can’t go back in time to fix things.  The trail is behind me but my decisions have surely altered my course.  But we do get second chances sometimes.  In my case I may need a fifth or sixth chance for some things.  I would at least like a last chance…

* MAY 18TH 2015 – PARIS
I’m in Paris at the moment.  I’ll be honest as I told myself I would for this blog.  I wish I was

Click to go to Gaiam TV

sharing these moments together.  But here I am alone in my thoughts.  Reflecting.  Always dreaming. Trying to accept who I am.  But anything I accept I will eventually rebel against. And so the cycle continues.  I wish to cease thought but this week I was reminded of a time when I was at a different crossroads seeking more for my musical soul.  The connection I want with someone in my experience in Paris and in life is similar to the connection I wanted in my musical journey.  I decided to take a risk.  The result?  The story is still being told.  But the beginning phases of writing a symphony despite no formal training were captured in a documentary, The Curse and the Symphony. What began as a personal dream is something I was afraid to believe could turn into a full-fledged career.  After a year long film festival run that included screenings at over

Click to view Trailer

25 film festivals and winning awards for Best Documentary and Documentary of Merit, The Curse and the Symphony is now in the hands of Gaiam, who will feature the film on their channel.  The company’s streaming video subscription service, Gaiam TV, features films dedicated to yoga, fitness, conscious media, personal growth and spirituality and most importantly it lines up with my values.  So as I dream up the next portion of my life, go visit GaiamTV.com for more information on checking out The Curse and the Symphony and other inspirational films (Gaiam TV is available on a variety of platforms including Roku, iPad, and iPhone).  And maybe next time my special someone can enjoy my adventure with me.  At least I’ll dreaming so!!!




I first came to SPOT FESTIVAL in 2010. I lived in a castle for 4 days to connect and write with songwriters from different parts of Europe (Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, US). We performed newly written songs a few days later at the festival. It was an interesting experience but less so for the music. It reemphasized and motivated me to push myself even more into orchestral explorations because I was disappointed that with so many different artists thrown together from exotic countries, that all the music and ideas were bland. I felt that I was lying to myself by saying I had interesting ideas. Plus it was a bit corny and cheesy…like summer camps can be. But what I took advantage of was being 

Click for photo gallery

at SPOT.  I made a point to meet as
many new people as I could which have now led to some of my most amazing
friendships.  Some are musicians
and music industry related but not all.
I have even helped a lot of them with artistic and logistical matters in
Austin when they have reached out.
But I have never expected anything in return, so when I received the
letter from SPOT with support to record and premiere my 2

symphony, NEON HEAVEN, I was blown away!
I remember sitting at a café in Minneapolis a few hours before my film,
The Curse and the Symphony, was going to
have it’s film premiere, not feeling particularly well.  I was stressed out about many issues
with finding a venue (wait until I blog about the venue fiasco), orchestra, and
funding for NEON HEAVEN.  Then I
got “the” letter.  Wide-eyed and
drunk with laughter I looked in the sky and sat in awe and rang up my Mom to
share the excitement.  And a lot
can fall apart or not come to fruition, but now – 14 months later here I
am.  In Denmark.  At SPOT.  Learning to let life unfold organically.  Thankful.  Excited.


And now I get to meet even more  people.   One in particular, conductor Mathias
Click for Gaffa concert review
who was the one conductor in Denmark to see a high value in my music
and  an opportunity to build something.  Of course he is a thoughtful and
wonderful person in addition to his fine conducting skills, so that makes it
even more enjoyable. I truly got to work with the orchestra.  I got to meet each one and talk
individually with them about their part.  It was so much fun to be in this setting and watching the
piece evolve.  We even laughed and
talked trivial matters just to get to know each other, which in this “classical
music” world is rare.  I often
wonder if I simply come off as annoying because I am so curious to know all the
members.  At one point a musician
expressed that they were embarrassed that they did not rehearse the piece with
perfection, but I told her she was crazy!
It’s the process I enjoy just like getting to build a friendship.




* APRIL 14TH 2015 – 2 in 1

The ebb and flow of life can be a bit confusing at times. You don’t really have time to stop and figure it out as life just keeps moving on. Here I am…dare I say…a composer! I still don’t feel like one, but having two premiere’s of symphonic works I’ve composed must mean something right? Or does it have to be by the London Philharmonic to mean something? 
Photos from the premiere of The Curse the Cross & The Lion in Chagrin, OH – Feb 14 2015
Live in the moment. Cliche? Profound? Moments come and go by the minute. That’s the beauty of them, right? Life had been stressful leading up to “Indie Orchestra Night”, an idea I have wanted to pursue for years that would blend indie singers backed by and orchestra and choir. I have always felt like it’s my duty to contribute something new to my city that has given me so much. I started The Noise Revival Orchestra as a model of this grandiose vision and I just stuck with it. 
Photos from Indie Orchestra Night in Austin TX – March 10 2015

The most rewarding part of it all.  My friends.  My family.  My fellow colleagues/musicians on stage.  The overall sentiment was one of an unexplainable magic in the air.  


Hearts & lives were truly touched. My friends responses sum it up best. Because I realize what I love about music is it opens up this platform to share stories and meet people around the world. I care about people and I cherish every friendship I have made along the way. It’s such a blessing to be in a city and world that is full of caring, creative, and passionate people that inspire one another.



Not a week goes by (2 months later) without running into someone who tells me it was amazing how we pulled off hip-hop and orchestra!? Or how Dana Falconberry made them cry. Or how they had always dreamt of hearing Shearwater songs backed with a full array orchestral instruments. And to think we are all deeply moved by something as simple yet complex as music. So here I am. Living life as a dreamer. An adventurer. A risk taker. A COMPOSER who just had two different symphonic works premiered in less than a month! And I have two more coming in Europe in May and June. Heck ya I’m excited about it because there were days when the rejections letters bore heavily. While the New York Phil isn’t knocking on my door (yet) and most of my opportunities seem self made, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. This is my adventure and like the title of my blog says…I got do it my F’in self…why? That’s right! Because nobody else is gonna to do it for me.




* MARCH 12TH 2015 – LATINO
Check out this fun interview I did while I was in Ohio last month for the premiere of my 1st symphony, The Curse the Cross & the Lion!  This originally aired on WKYC Cleveland a few Saturday’s back.  It was such a blast getting to kick it and meet Myra Rosario (host) and her producer Trina!  They were extremely sweet.  


HUGE Feature by The Austinot who interviewed me about Indie Orchestra Night, the show I’m producing featuring Texas Choral Consort plus an orchestra backing up 4 killer artists from Austin – Shearwater, Dana Falconberry, Zeale & The Rocketboys.  A movement from my 2nd symphony, NEON HEAVEN, will also premiere.  Read the full story HERE or by clicking on the image below.


*  FEBRUARY 3RD 2015 – What ever happened to Keith Van Horn?

Remember the long socks? And the glory days at Utah?  I mean, when will Utah ever be a force in NCAA basketball again? To me Keith Van Horn is synonymous with my childhood love of basketball…and Kerry Kittles…and long black socks (Note: Kittles only wore one sock high)!  LOL!  You may be asking yourself “So why Keith Van Horn?”.  Well, the third movement of my 1st symphony, The Curse the Cross & The Lion was featured on at PBS show called Daytripper.  

The episode was about the town of Van Horn!  Have you heard of Van Horn?  Well if you have ever taken the trek from Central Texas out west to California you may have missed it!  Broken Down the Walls!


I stumbled on it one night when I ran out of steam and booked into a dingy hotel room in the middle of nowhere.  I woke up to a ghost town and almost picked up a grave digging job!  Ghost towns like Van Horn are beautiful.  Now I stop every time I head west.  That’s the beauty of Texas.  The open roads and the big blue sky.  They have this junkyard out in Van Horn…also known as an “antique store” that I always go in and look at.  I love rummaging through the old books, mason jars, cactus inspired art, and their Pepsi machine from the 1950’s!  If you haven’t been to Van Horn you can learn all about it on the PBS episode of Daytriper.  And when they get to the haunted house…yep!  That’s my song. 


* JANUARY 12th 2015 – GRIND
Nothing is easy. Every day is a struggle and I often feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Every day I get some email or call with someone canceling on me or shifting gears. I often get down when hearing any initial bad news. But I adjust. I calm down and shift gears when necessary. I don’t know if it’d be better or as gratifying to have everything fall into place the way I imagine it? All I know is there is no turning back…