I have two of my albums on vinyl. I prefer to sell them via my website rather than BandCamp or Ebay because they take such a high percentage from my sales. I prefer if you made a purchase via Venmo or CashApp but if you don’t either of them feel free to use PayPal. The shipping will go out in 2-3 business days after purchase. ‘If’ you live in NYC, Austin or San Antonio and don’t want to pay for shipping contact me at [n.j.felix@gmail(dot)com] and I may be able to organize an exchange in person.

Purchase – Send $30 ($25 + $5 shipping) with the name of the album you are purchasing.

Texas Skies (2022) – Music for two pianos featuring Timo Andres ($25)













The Curse the Cross & the Lion (2013) – Six movement symphony featuring The Cinematic Symphony ($25)